A Glass Act

A Glass Act

That storm the other week was a really doozy, wasn’t it? That big tree out the back wasn’t quite up to it, and the branch that’s been on the edge of falling finally came down – square on our pool fence. That was a drama and a half – in this hot weather, all the grand-kids want to do is play in the pool, so we knew we had to get that fixed fast.

We looked into getting someone in to do a repair job, but in the end we saw it as a sign to finally ditch the dated look in the backyard and fork out for a schmick glass pool fence. While we were at it, of course, we had to kit out the stairs with the matching glass balustrade. Melbourne has no shortage of options for installers of such things, it turns out, so we were able to track down a real beauty at a decent price. I’m loving the look of the frameless glass panels.

After the new fencing and balustrade was in place, I did start to wonder: are we likely to be having any more of these tree-cracking storms in the near future? And, if so, will our new additions stand up to them? Oh well, nothing to be done about it just now, and at least we have the number of an excellent glazier! They really did do a lovely job.

Arranging glass repairs in Melbourne, over the twenty-five years we’ve lived here, has never been something I’ve had much success with. There was that young boy back in ‘95, bless him, who tripped over the cat on his way up the driveway, busted his knee, and couldn’t do the job. Then there was the time we allowed our eccentric neighbour to deal with our cracked kitchen splashback (he had enthusiastically offered) and he replaced it with a mirror.

Well, anyway. These glass balustrades look like they can stand up to the elements,  so I don’t think they’ll be getting smashed any time soon.

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