Designing An Allergy Free Garden

Designing An Allergy Free Garden

My poor child is stuck indoors most of the time because of his pollen allergy, he can’t play outside like most children.

Any time he wants to go outside and kick a ball around I have to remind him to be careful. The poor kid cries daily because he can’t do what normal children take for granted. I’ve been trying to find a solution for weeks and have come up with nothing. I have taken steps to make sure our home is free from anything that could irritate his skin.

When we first moved to Melbourne many years ago I couldn’t work out what was causing his skin to react. I soon caught on that whenever he was outside playing with his toy cars he would get red bumps on his skin. It turns out that my hypothesis was close, it was the pollen from the wattle tree in our yard that was causing the issue. The tree had to go and now we don’t wear shoes inside just in case we track some pollen inside. I had all but lost hope when I saw an magazine article about best garden practices for people with allergies. They mentioned a series of plants that were safe for people with serious allergies. I knew this would solve all my problems. I would replace all the pollen producing plants with allergy free ones like viola rozina and Petunias, then my son would be able to go outside again.

At least now I had some hope that my kid could play outside if we made some changes to the garden. I was a little concerned that the lack of grass would look a bit rough. We balanced it out with some lush green box hedges and fruit trees. Melbourne is just coming into Spring, the worst season for my child. I can’t wait to see his face when I tell him he can play outside.

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