Dim It Down

Dim It Down

Okay, I’m putting my foot down. I get that offices aren’t generally designed to be the most fantastically fun places in the world – in fact, if they were, it might get in the way of business. But there are certain basic inclusions that can go a long way towards making them less of a drag.

One of those things is natural light, which my office has in overabundance. A second thing, given the former being the case, is UV protective office window tinting. Melbourne can get surprisingly heavy with the damaging rays, and my desk is positioned so as to catch the brunt of them during the sunniest part of the day. It’s okay over winter – pleasant, in fact – but during summer, it can get a bit painful on the eyes.

It’s not only getting fried by the sun that I’ve had enough of. I’m also seriously over Ken from finance doing his physio exercise on the floor next to his desk everyday at 2pm. I get that he has to do it and I don’t really care that much, but he gets really embarrassed and repeatedly taps on the glass partition throughout the process, reminding me not to look at him. I’m not looking at you, Ken!

I guess the solution would be to swap the transparent partition out for one of those commercial, decorative glass partitions Melbourne bank offices and the like seem to love so much. I mean, there isn’t really anywhere else for Ken to do his thing that isn’t going to present the same problem. The only other option is for him to acquire the self-confidence to do his standing McKenzies without worrying about what his colleagues might think.

Rest assured, the only thing I’m thinking about how is my expensive, custom-made office chair is going to be affected by the solar rays streaming in through the window – the fabric is probably degrading as we speak. And don’t even get me started on what it might be doing to my skin.

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