Earth Fabrication…IN SPACE

Earth Fabrication…IN SPACE

Stainless steel fabrication is of great importance in space, I’ll have you know. Maybe not stainless steel MARINE fabrication, but give it a few years. Then we’ll be sailing the depths of space like an ocean, and it’ll be almost exactly the same thing. We’ll even have space marines; all the video games agree on that.

So if I submit that to the judges, I think they’ll have a hard time refuting it. To be perfectly honest, i don’t really know how they can refute *anything* in a sci-fi ship design contest, because it’s all supposed to be fictional and very hypothetical. But I guess if you submitted a deep space vessel shaped like a fish and made from chewed grass, they’d have problems.

That’s why I’m using real world marine fabrication, services around Melbourne no less. I interviewed people who do this stuff for a living, though they seemed slightly confused when I said it was for a sci-fi spaceship design competition.

No one really gets it, but that’s because no one understands my passion for ‘Sun Trudge’ the greatest sci-fi show of all time. It’s also one of the longest-running, although I’m not so sure about the recent on running on Neat-Flicks. It’s been pretty divisive in the fandom since they changed the mighty Flingoff race into…

Nope, not getting started, because I’ll never stop. Right now, I’m having way too much fun designing my spaceship, with real-world ship-building methods. I’ve learned a ton of stuff as well. Like, apparently the trend at the moment is for plate aluminium boats because they’re durable, not liable to rust and are actually cheaper than a lot of materials, all things considered. Long has humanity admired aluminium. Not entirely sure at this point if it’ll take us to the stars with any degree of reliability…but hey, you never know. People never used to think you could make boats out of metal, and here we are.


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