Give Me Your Recommendation, House-Bot

Give Me Your Recommendation, House-Bot

Automation is getting silly. We are entering an age…of silliness. Just, terrible silliness all around. Terrible, awful, shameful silliness. I mean, I work as a landscape surveyor, and I like to think it’s a job that requires something of a human touch, but…what would I know? Perhaps in a lab somewhere over at Lawrence Corp they’re developing a surveyor bot, just like they’re developing a bot for everything else. It’ll do my job at double the speed, with 0% mistakes, and it won;t ask for any pay besides the electricity needed to make it do the work. And then I’ll get a job growing rare mushrooms, until I’m supplanted by the mushroom bot and I’ll just go into retirement. Where I will be taken care of by the retirement bot.

Today was the announcement of the property bot, the robot companion that finds you the perfect home. Uh…we already have that service in Melbourne. Property advocates┬áis what they are called, and that’s also their JOB. Now, there isn’t any confirmation that this robot does anything particularly revolutionary. It’s not going to be stealing jobs any time soon. Still, I’ve always thought of people in the property industry as having very unique positions. It takes a human touch to look at a home, think of your client and say…”this is the one. They will like this a great deal. It fits.”

Right now I think the bot is just a search engine that you can talk to, like you’re getting a very stupid person to google some homes for you. I’m certainly not one to raise a panic over such foolishness. Melbourne’s best buyers advocates are probably secure in their jobs for now, especially since the bot is pretty ugly and people would much rather talk to people about a serious decision like this. But when cold logic overcomes human warmth? Well…we’ll see.


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