Little Black Renovation

Little Black Renovation

My brother, Andy, is currently having a new kitchen installed. He mentioned in passing yesterday that he’d opted for the black tiles and cabinets, to which I may have responded with an unnecessary amount of laughter; Andy stormed out of the cafe in a huff and refused to pay for his hot chocolate.

It’ll probably look really good. It’s not that I have anything deeply against the colour choice; it’s more that it’s so typical of Andy to opt for it. He owns virtually nothing that isn’t black – from his car and his clothes to his keys and tea towels. The one exception is his house, which is the usual house colours. That’s why I found it amusing when it became apparent that he’s working towards attaining the all-black space he clearly dreams of, beginning with this custom kitchen installation.

I’d better text him to let him know that I didn’t mean anything in particular by my reaction. He must realise that it’s a bit unusual, this habit of his. Besides that, I was meaning to put him in touch with the bathroom renovation company that just did my friend’s en-suite. I know that Andy has plans to move onto that next, and I’m sure he’ll be on the lookout for a black bathtub – not something you see every day!

I suspect that a black bathroom might make a bit more sense than a black kitchen, but I’m not really sure why. Something about there being so many tiled surfaces, perhaps? Or the fact that I regard a bathroom as a zone of relaxation, and therefore as a place where it’s appropriate to be immersed in darkness. I don’t know. A black toilet must surely be quite a designer appliance.

I also suspect that Andy actually has quite good taste, which is just a bit more stylised than that of the average person. I mean, black never goes out of fashion, right?

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