Mystery, Intrigue, Conveyancing…

Mystery, Intrigue, Conveyancing…

It’d be really nice if someone broke into our home tonight. Not in a BAD way, of course. Maybe just a broken lock and some stolen documents. Just enough to really kick off a good mystery, to alleviate this mundane part of married life that none of the books saw fit to warn me about.

The kids have left home, the husband and I are both in good jobs, everything is peachy, and I hate it. I’ve been reading a lot- it helped me with a spot of insomnia, and now it’s just a habit before bed- and they’re such exciting stories! The mysteries are the best, and they’ve put some ideas into my head about what life is supposed to be like.

For example, we’re moving home soon, and we thought we’d seek out the services of some conveyancers. Richmond is our local branch, but Harold suggested that we might want to think about looking into the place we want to live, Mentone. Conveyancers in Mentone?? I was shocked and suspicious. What could this mean? Is Harold having a secret affair with a woman in Mentone? It’s the most likely scenario, but perhaps the conspiracy runs deeper, to the very conveyancing lawyers themselves. Maybe conveyancing documents have gone missing around the local area, with the thief leaving a distinctive calling card of a yellow rose at the scene of the crime before retreating to their underground lair from which they pursue their goal of bringing down the property market through subterfuge. And Harold? He’s been living a secret double-life as a gumshoe detective, investigating the mysterious case of the yellow rose thief. And the next target is Richmond conveyancing, which is why he’s suggesting Mentone; to throw the thief off the scent of him being on the scent. And I’m pregnant! And I have a secret twin sister, who has pneumonia!

Oh, it quickens my pulse just thinking about it.


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