Practise what we Pedal- Why Battery Storage was a must for our business

Practise what we Pedal- Why Battery Storage was a must for our business

A few months ago, my partner and I decided to go one up on our hobby farm (we take a whole bunch of kids classes through the school terms) and show them how solar energy and other sustainable solutions works. The time had certainly come for us to look into commercial battery storage. Melbourne was certainly moving with the times and we’re in business for change. A little bit about that:

I mean, we’d been working to find innovative ways to  educate school kids about renewables and recyclables for over five years, and we could no longer ignore the fact that students are becoming more interested in learning about how we get energy from the sun, and how we can make that energy into whatever it is that runs the telly, boils the kettle, keeps the bathwater hot and makes mum and dad so outrageously happy when they open the power bill. We wanted to find out more about buying into our own battery storage, which I guess comes a little late considering the nature of what we do. I wish we’d done it ages ago.

We ended up choosing a Melbourne organisation that specialise in powerwall installations. They actually had worked with local schools and small businesses, helping them make the most of their renewable energy opportunities. I have never been happier to deal with someone, I believe no one hates giving energy companies moneymore than I do.

I know there is a lot of skepticism out there but I’m completely happy with my decision to lambast anyone who shows a lack of  interest in just how much switching to clean energy can save them, and sorry not sorry to be completely annoying about it- but we are trying to save the planet here- it’s not meaningless conversation material. . This has been the best decision for us, and the proof of that? Well, talk to me in a little while when those energy companies I hate so much are buying back energy from me.

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