Residential Kitchens

Residential Kitchens

I read something recently about someone living in the kitchen, with a bed and everything, and all I can say is YES. Yes please, all the way. So many winters I’ve been loathe to go to any other room. It’s the whole reason I’ve dragged my comfy chair in there, even though that’s not the safest type of furniture to have in a room with naked flame. Don’t care, and I’m careful. If I’m making cookies or muffins, I want to be in the room at all times to make sure they turn out just right. I’m particular like that.

Companies that do kitchen design need to make this a major part of the services they offer, because I can’t be the only one. The kitchen is just, like…the place where all the good stuff is. The food is there, which is a huge plus. Also there is the means to prepare the food. And then modern home design has the audacity to make us move to a different room for eating, as if you needed anything else.

I guess my perfect apartment WOULD just be the kitchen. You’ve got a humongous kitchen island right in the middle, equipped with everything you need from aga to microwave. And then, arrayed around this island as if insignificant, are things like chairs, your bed, a wardrobe, or whatever you want that isn’t kitchen-related. You could call them kitchen apartments and they would take the kitchen designer scene by storm. Everyone would want them, and they’d be my idea so I’d get a cut of the profits, and that would be enough to actually get a kitchen apartment of my own.

It’d sort of be like a studio apartment, I think, except entirely based around the kitchen in a nice little circle. I guess your only concern would be the wires and gas pipes coming from the wall, but that could be dealt with creatively. Gosh, I’m good at this…I should do kitchen and bathroom design professionally. I’m sure my parents would be my only clients, and even then dad would want to redo all my hard work.

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