Solar Power, Wow, So Hipster

Solar Power, Wow, So Hipster

If there’s one thing that really gets me, more than anything else…it’s celebrities cast in singing roles when they can’t sing. Or maybe just celebrities cast in roles just for being celebrities. There’s an entire industry out there full of talented voice actors, and you just give the role to a famous person? Shameful.

Rounding off the list are people who eat the froth off the top of a cappuccino, people who sing songs that they don’t know, the entire concept of fahrenheit and solar power.

Hoo boy, I could tell you some tales about that last one! Probably should clarify that I don’t hate energy, and I don’t actually hate solar power in general, funnily enough. What I DO hate is people who go on and on about it. Commercial solar power, at the moment, is like people who first got the iPhone. Everyone will have it eventually, that much is clear. It’s one of the greatest phenomenons in human history. But we really don’t need you harping on as if you’re just a wonderful person, and having solar panels makes you superior to the rest of us. We went to a family friend’s house for dinner last week, and I swear they managed to bring up their recently-installed solar panels in the middle of a conversation whether grand final day is overrated. It is, for the record, but suddenly the whole thing took a swerve into ‘oh, did you see our new solar panels? Aren’t they lovely. Bit expensive, but you start making your money back, and we just want to be kind to the environment’ and so on until I was thoroughly put off my pecan roulade. Look, industrial solar is great, as a concept. I just can’t wait until we get over the hipster phase where everyone who gets it thinks they’re the saviour of mankind. It’ll be ubiquitous some day soon, you’ll see.


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