This Place Is NEVER Going to Sell

This Place Is NEVER Going to Sell

This is the worst job ever. I’ve half a mind to ring up those conveyancers and complain, except I know I’d just be taking it out on the messenger, since they’re not the ones who gave me the case in the first place. No, no…that’s all part of the fun of being a newbie in the property sector. Go here, bring some coffee there, pick up your paperwork from the conveyancing office in Melbourne– that is, about an hour’s drive from our office- and go scope out this completely infeasible property.

Well, I’m here. And looking at it, I’m convinced that they gave me this as some kind of brutal initiation. Or maybe I keep making the coffee wrong, and this is my punishment. I mean, just…just tell me. Who in the name of all sanity is in the market for a big old abandoned zoo-type area, heavily reduced in price as it may be? Melbourne already has a zoo. You know…the Melbourne Zoo. I bet the conveyancers for that one had a great time shuffling together all the paperwork, since it’s kinda different to your average property. Whereas the guy who handed me the paperwork on this one had some serious pity in his eyes.

The place isn’t that bad. If anyone could use it for something, it’s got a decent location. The facilities just need a bit of a tidy up, and the climate control is industrial strength. It’s just unfortunate that it’s dumped right here, taking up a load of space in an area that could be so lucrative. Foot traffic, good transport links…and a giant, stupid abandoned indoor zoo. Great. Might as well be Melbourne’s biggest paperweight. Maybe that’s how I’ll sell it. ‘Come see (and buy) Melbourne’s biggest paperweight!’

Got a bunch of missed calls from that conveyancing solicitor place in Melbourne. Probably should’ve been paying more attention…but meh. Just missed a bit of paperwork, I guess.


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