Time for A Real, Expensive Home

Time for A Real, Expensive Home

I love my apartment, but it’s time for a change. I love the views, I love how I’ve had a custom garden added to the balcony and I love how there’s an awesome cafe down below with a guy who has dreadlocks making the coffee (that’s how you know it’s good). I LOVE being up in the air, feeling like I’m queen of Melbourne, and I love my slightly foreign maid…Fettucine? Mariachi? I love my maid though.

Still, there comes a time when things have to change…because you get bored. Daddy set me up in this apartment, but I want something like the mansion. Some really big house, with a garden big enough for me to have my horses, but in the suburbs so I can talk to my neighbours (and preferably spy on them). Daddy says that he has connections in the Melbourne property advocate industry, which is how he got me THIS place. And I got to say, they do some good work. I know my demands can be a little bit…specific, but they excel in that kind of thing. I bet if I went to a property advocate and said that I wanted a three-storey house surrounded by a moat, near the shops and with driveway that sloped at a 70-degree angle, they could hook me up just fine. And I’m not looking for any of that stuff, so that’ll be fine. Although a moat…that’s one thing that Daddy never had, even though I’ve always thought it would be nice. It’s certainly one way to keep out intruders.

Okay, I can keep it on the down low. I’d like a nice house, but not something that needs a lot of work. I want to move in, maybe pick out the furniture myself, but the rest of it needs to be absolutely perfect the day I’m in. I’m not waiting around for people to bang and crash and all that construction silliness. So basically, some Melbourne buyers advocate has quite the challenge in for them. I think they’ll be up to it, personally.


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