Weekend Ruined by Drain Problems

Weekend Ruined by Drain Problems

I’ve been working so hard lately that I hadn’t had a weekend off in yonks. I finally scored a free weekend recently and was so looking forward to vegetating on the couch for two days straight. I kept fantasising about all the chocolate ice cream I was going to buy and the pizza I was going to order. I even visualised a stack of empty soda cans piling up beside the couch as I watched episode after episode of ‘The Throne Games’. I was going to have my weekend off and by golly I was going to enjoy it! These modest dreams however met their quick demise on Friday night when all hell broke loose.

Seemingly out of nowhere I had to deal with a blocked drain. Melbourne drainage contractors had to come to the apartment get it sorted out. But that was well after the stench was unleashed upon the apartment complex. It took us all Friday night and Saturday morning to locate the source of the offending odour.

The blockage was so severe that the we actually had a damaged sewerage pipe on our hands and had to call for drain repairs. When the contractors arrived they were packing some really fancy equipment like a high-tech drain camera. Thankfully this drain unblocking company worked fast and got the job done super fast. As you can imagine, with all of that sewer smell floating in the air, I’d lost my appetite for junk food. And by the time they were done, half of my weekend was already over.

When Sunday came I sat on the couch ready to put my feet up at last, but I try as I might I couldn’t quit fidgeting and thinking about work the next day. I was so wired from all the drain problems I’d gone through that I simply could not relax! I couldn’t even stomach the chocolate sundae with rainbow sprinkles that my partner had made especially for me. Ah well, at least my work is rewarding. I’m definitely looking forward to next weekend though!

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