Business Savers.

Our service is all about helping you save your business from the brink of collapse. How? By conducting a thorough analysis of your business and creating an effective plan to revitalise your lost income. Plain and simple, we fix what needs mending. The Buro Group is all about understanding, patience and smart guidance.


We’re honest, sometimes to a fault. We don’t sugarcoat the problems, we face them dead on. Other business management firms may focus on the past, but we focus on the potential growth leading towards a brighter future.  We believe that everyone has the potential to recover from the brink. We’re future focussed, not tied town by the mistakes of the past. All it takes is the right plan and a healthy dose of determination. We’re numbers first, people second. It’s as our aim to help you by providing the best advice and market leading strategies to propel your business into the future.

Knowing when to give up is also an important part of any business. After a detailed analysis of every aspect of your business if we find that there is no profitable way to move forward, we’ll tell you. There is no point flogging a dead horse, so to speak. It’s this honesty that sets up apart from other firms.

The Buro Group are a full service business consultancy, offering cutting edge solutions to promote excellence in the following areas:

  • Capital recovery
  • Search Engine Marketing solutions
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Future Planning Sessions
  • Management Flow Meeting
  • Due Diligence

We’re here to help you through one of the most troubling and stressful times in the lifecycle of any business. We’d love to meet with you to discuss ways we can rebuild your business into something your children can be proud of.