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The Motor Boat Kid

The Motor Boat Kid

Our 9 year-old daughter came home from school today having acquired a new fact for her collection of historical miscellany. Apparently, the first ever speedboat racing title was won by a female racer in the 1920s. Tiff now claims to have her heart set on getting hold of a boat to go with her newfound fact.

She wants a motor boat, naturally. It does sound like a perfectly good thing to get into, if a bit on the expensive side… but hey, so is learning to play the violin. I’ve just noticed that Tiff’s fascinations often seem to be kind of fleeting. My two cents on the matter is that she needs to knuckle down at one thing for long enough to really develop a passion for it. Could boats be that thing? It’s entirely possible.

I wish there was a way for her to explore this without having to invest in, well, a boat. I’m picturing some kind of kids’ club where they can explore the process of deconstructing a hull and fixing an outboard motor. Melbourne doesn’t have anything in the way of that kind of activity, as far as I know, and I’m probably not going to be the one to get it going, seeing as I’m completely devoid of mechanical expertise.

My teenage son tells me that his mate’s sister carried out a survey of anchor systems and winches in Melbourne as part of a statistics course for her engineering degree. This person is probably the closest link I have to knowledge even vaguely related to the subject at hand. Perhaps she could, at least, have a chat to Tiff about what might be involved in marine engineering, which would lend a clearer focus to a her fascination.

I’d really love it if this became Tiff’s ‘thing’. It’s just that she’s yet to demonstrate to me that she has a genuine interest in fitting boat parts and mastering their use. I have no doubt that she could get to that point if she’d just stop hopping from one passing interest to the next.