Book Nerd Heaven

Book Nerd Heaven

People used to be so curious – even impressed – when I’d tell them that I worked in book publishing. These days, they either visible wince or give me a look that says, “I’m sorry to hear that, mate.” Still, I’m determined to prove that hard-copy books aren’t dead. To be sure, buyers are still out there, and Turtle Noise Publishing is proving it.

Of course, our staying afloat might have something to do with the strength of our market niche. My approach has always been to provide for the customer who loves the feeling of having a book in their hands, and go all out on features that will thrill that customer. It’s all about the sensory experience of reading a book. I never used to think of this as a niche, but I guess nowadays it is.

In light of that, I’m starting to think that we could do more in terms of workspace branding – that is, imbuing our offices with the essence of what we intend to capture in our products. Ever since we relocated from Sydney, we’ve been vaguely talking about investing in a custom office fitout. Melbourne was always going to be the city in which Turtle Noise came into its own as a cohesive brand, but we’ve kept the idea of overhauling our space on the backburner.

Time to start putting the feelers out for the right office design company. Melbourne businesses, do you have anyone to recommend? Essentially, it’ll come down to a designer’s ability to gel with the overarching concept behind what we do. I’ll need to feel like that has genuinely been understood, first and foremost.

The space functions just fine, but it’s my belief that there’s more to functionality than merely having everything meet the basic requirements of its designated purpose. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that, on some level, the feel of a thing – on an aesthetic, sensory or stylistic level – can effectively contribute to the way it works. Perhaps that’s the philosophy underlying my love of beautiful hard-copy books, too.

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