To Be Out the Window, Sailing…

To Be Out the Window, Sailing…

They say a one-track mind is a bad thing, but honestly, it sounds like a blessing in some ways. I am SUCH a scatterbrain. All of my work takes twice as long because I just have to daydream, or think about philosophical dilemmas, or ponder how I’m going to get all my Christmas shopping done. Yesterday I saw a video of a T-rex doing push-ups while I was on the train, and I was distracted by it all day. I can’t just watch NOTHING. My mind is too active.

I was supposed to be spending the day focused on orders for boating supplies and outboard motor servicing. Melbourne clients who outsources some of this stuff need us to get this stuff right, but I look at my computer screen and all I see is numbers. Numbers and spreadsheets. No real colour or distinguishing features. Now, it’s grunt work of course. Not exactly *hard*, but still, maybe that’s part of the problem. My thoughts fly away to the high seas, where outboard motors and anchor winches are actually useful. Why am I sitting in an office chair doing nothing, when people were out there right now, sailing with the wind in their face, in search of adventure? I can only imagine what it’s like for people who have offices that overlook the sea. Nice view, bad for productivity. It was only recently when one of our offices had their windows tinted, because they were above a busy shopping strip and everyone kept getting distracted by the many goings on down below. Sounds like my personal productivity nightmare.

I need to request a middle cubicle. Nothing on the walls. Strict internet filters. And maybe Melbourne’s outboard motor servicing is just…too exciting a subject. Put me onto rubbish collection or driveway paving. I must do my very best to keep my mind from wandering. Gotta stay focused on the matter at hand and make every effort to stay on track. 


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