A Shy Kids’ Raging Party

A Shy Kids’ Raging Party

My best friend Rebecca has a ten year old daughter, Grace. She is a great kid but quite shy, and  it is really hard to get her excited about anything that involves parties and lots of attention. She’d been halfheartedly looking for kids party venues in Melbourne and hadn’t found anything she felt was right for Grace. Grace is generally happiest when she’s active; she loves sport and loves playing in teams. She’s really blossoms when she is given the option to get involved in a sport.

Rebecca had been frustrated because Grace doesn’t seem interested in the things Rebecca  expects her to take a shine to. For example, when she told her daughter that they’d be throwing a party for her on her eleventh birthday, Grace seemed nonchalant, and maybe a bit anxious.

Only weeks ago, I’d found out about some amazing birthday party venues. Melbourne’s biggest gem was right under our noses- the ice skating rink! To take the pressure off Rebecca I offered to help find a great place, and looking at so many different places, as far as birthday party venues, Melbourne is definitely the place to celebrate. Luckily for Grace, there is something for everyone.

Rebecca got in contact with management and made a booking for Grace.We talked about some of the options she might consider, and really surprised her with our idea. She had been to the rink before with a friend and although she hadn’t done much skating, she’d picked it up quickly and loved it.

The party was amazing for the kids. Party venues have to get it spot and they really have this down pat: every kid had rosy cheeks from flying around the rink from the word go, and though they were keen to get moving again, the party food was a huge win, with some pretty tricky dietary requirements thrown into the mix. Rebecca will definitely be looking to book another party at the rink again in the future.

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