Great Ocean Road, Baby

Great Ocean Road, Baby

I just got a message from my high school pal, Theresa. We haven’t caught up in yonks, so it was a bit out of the blue. As it turned out, the reason she was getting in touch was that she had a baby a few months ago, and wants me to come and meet it. I was mildly put out – just for a second – that she hadn’t thought to get in touch with me before the baby was born, but I got over it pretty quickly and agreed to visit her in Lorne next weekend.

I’m not especially keen to stay with Theresa, even though she’s thoughtfully offered me a fold-out couch. I mean, she has a four month-old baby and a hubby I’ve never met. No thanks! I’ll find my own accommodation. It’s a nice little opportunity for a drive down the Great Ocean Road, actually – a mini break away from Melbourne. I’m thinking I’ll splash out on a luxury holiday apartment. Lorne must have something like that on offer, with a view to boot.

I know the whole point is for me to meet the bub, but I wonder if she’ll agree to meet me for dinner and drinks sans baby. Maybe we can squeeze in some day spa action before heading out for some local seafood and a few cheeky cocktails. I’d love to go for a walk up the coast to the lighthouse as well, or down to Erskine Falls. The last time I was around Lorne would have been for the coffee-roasters conference last year – I’m always a fan of that crew’s penchant for conference venues on the coast. Victoria hasn’t got as many of these as NSW does, but it has its own charm.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it seems pretty clear that I’m in dire need of a coastal getaway. I should probably separate that out from my long overdue social catch-up, but it’s not my fault that that’s to take place in an idyllic beachside holiday town. Gotta make the most of that!

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