And We’re Back, with Kitchen Design!

And We’re Back, with Kitchen Design!

At long last the second season of ‘The Great Australian Trade-Off’ is upon us. Thank goodness, because I was straight-up going nuts here. Watching old reruns on Neat-Flicks, reading every single magazine article on the subject, and of course spending hours and hours on the forums, trying to predict what challenges would be coming up, which will be new and the ones that would return…

So, new team of contestants, and I think I’ve figured out their one-note personalities from the first episode. Oh, and the very first episode was about custom kitchen design! What a dream! I’ve been saving up for that sort of thing forever, although there’s always some extra expense that stops me from getting my extra sink.

They changed the format up a little bit as well: first is a team round, where they’re given a half-finished project and have to finish it. This time they separated into two really big teams and ahd to renovate a giant commercial kitchen each.

After that it was the innovation round, where they were given parts and had to assemble a kitchen appliance of some sort. And the Final Challenge, which this time had them draw up the designs for their very own kitchen, then they had to direct a small team to create the kitchen of their dreams. First time they’ve done a challenge that took more than a day, and I think it’s a great addition to the format.

If you were into kitchen designs, this was the episode for you. I’m ALL about quality kitchen makeovers, so this premiere has me hyped. Plus in the forum sweepstakes I’m one for one. Next up I’m guessing…farm maintenance? It’s a bold guess, but I have faith they can pull it off.


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