I LOVE Orange Sofa, I Do, I Do, I Do

I LOVE Orange Sofa, I Do, I Do, I Do

The way of the future is very clearly becoming LESS professional. I think we hit the jackpot in regards to office life a few years ago, when everyone suddenly realised that wearing a tie made you look like a conforming penguin and the true key to productivity was originality.

We didn’t do it THAT well, to be fair. Everyone just started sticking orange sofas in everywhere, and all of a sudden all the offices just ended up looking the same. And yet, it was a start. We’re well on our way to creating the truly creative offices that we deserve, and I’d like to see that happen right here in Sydney.  Everyone knows that we’re a little bit ahead of most of Australia when it comes to basically everything, and the companies doing premium office design in Sydney and the surrounding areas are no exception. We’re having our office done right now, and while we’ve all been shoved into a cramped office space that hasn’t seen an update since the 90s, we’ll be returning to a lush office paradise.

I’m talking coffee machines lining the walls. I’m talking beanbag chairs for everyone. I’m talking carpets with kitten patterns on them! That one I’m pretty confident about. I sent the boss a discreet email a few weeks before we were due to get the office fitout, and inside were several options for kitten carpets. I liked number #2, personally…it was a light blue and all the kittens were wearing sunglasses. But I felt it’d be better for there to be options. If we were going to get in contact with some seriously dedicated and well-rated office design companies servicing Sydney, then we need to come at them with ideas. We need to prove that we deserve to work with them as much as they deserve to work with us.

Our fun, modern, hip and casual office designs are becoming a reality, and I welcome this new age of beanbags and caramel macchiatos on demand. It’s for added productivity, you see.


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