Antenna Antagonism

Antenna Antagonism

Curses on this midwinter nonsense! Not only do I have to have the lights on from 3 in the afternoon and either blast the heating or wear fingerless gloves at my computer, but the wind has been gradually chipping away at my roof. First it was a tile back in May, then another one in June. Now my antenna has fallen victim.  

I wouldn’t describe Melbourne as an especially windy city. It’s just that this house is an annoying combination of crumbling and heritage-listed, which means the owner is required to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to have it repaired. I’m getting the sense that motivation is lacking on that front, but it hasn’t been causing me too much hassle (yet).

I’m not especially concerned about a broken TV aerial, to be honest, aside from the fact that it’s dangling precariously over my car parking spot, intertwined with an overhanging branch from a nearby tree. The satellite dish is also positioned at a questionable angle, seemingly threatening to take a tumble into a neighbouring window. I’ve texted the real estate agent and they haven’t replied yet, so I’m thinking of calling in someone off my own steam and forwarding them the bill.

Who deals with tv antenna installation, Melbourne? I’ve never given it a passing thought. I don’t really watch free-to-air or cable tv, so it’s just not on my radar. I guess I’m starting to understand why owners of rental properties can appear so self-righteous – it’s because they’re expected to finance these kinds of repairs on a regular basis, when they’d rather be chilling out and making a passive income.

I get that. Organising antenna repairs are simply not on the list of things I’d be keen to sign up if I was to buy in the whole property shenanigan. Regardless, the real estate agent could at least get back to my text, rather than leaving me to figure out how to avoid copping a tv aerial through my windscreen and/or a satellite dish as an unwanted hat.

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