Beauty Equals Popularity, Obviously…

Beauty Equals Popularity, Obviously…

Okay, so, cool. I think we ALL know that high school is the most important part of anyone’s life, ever. This is where you learn all the important stuff, make friends that you’ll have for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, and it’s the place where you have to be popular. Like, if you’re not popular, life just isn’t worth living…and there are some places where being popular is more valuable than others.

The School Social is coming up, and as everyone knows, that’s a well of potential popularity right there. According to the chart I have in my bedroom, my popularity is currently sitting around 62%. Not as good as it could be. There was that incident with the exchange student…but we don’t talk about that.

I need to look good. Not just a nice dress either; I’ve been researching lip fillers in Bendigo for the last two weeks, because this is NOT something you can rush. Like, I’ve read all the celebrity magazines, and they’re pretty reliable, and THEY say that people sometimes try to get lip fillers on the cheap and they go to shady backstreet dealers and they end up looking horrible. So basically, if the place I go to has some kind of shop front, I’m…*probably* okay? Still, got to do my research. Got to be better than all the other girls, mostly Shareena Clements, since her mum owns some beauty clinic somewhere and she was bragging about how she gets quality laser hair removal for free. I can’t compete with free, but I CAN do my research and get better quality services. By my estimates, if I find a place in Bendigo for laser hair removal, that should give me about 6%, if I’m able to show it off. Lip fillers should give me about 7%…maybe I’ll see about the eyebrows. I need every advantage I can get basically. CANNOT waste social night.


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