These TAFE Courses Just Get More Interesting

These TAFE Courses Just Get More Interesting

Halloween is really becoming a popular thing in Australia. All the supermarkets are going nuts with Halloween advertising and spooky displays. Television starts airing all the scary stuff and Halloween specials. And then there are all the little kids who come knocking on your door. Reminds me, I need to go out and get some lollies for them, because I am NOT having another year where they all come knocking and I just awkwardly stare at them until they leave.

That said, from what I’ve seen of America, it seems like people just use Halloween for whatever they like, so long as there’s a slightly off-kilter tilt. There’s a ‘Halloween’ careers expo at my tafe, but it’s really just an opportunity for all the slightly-lesser known careers to show their stuff. Like, when did trigger point dry needling courses become so popular? They’re basically the crowning centrepiece of the whole expo. I guess Melbourne really likes its sport, and they’re related to sport in many ways, but I hear there are needling courses in Auckland and they’re just as popular.

I don’t know. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, though; I find the whole thing pretty intriguing. It LOOKS pretty spooky, especially with the needles sticking out of a person, but I guess that’s just medicine in general. It’s really interesting how just the act of sticking needles in a person can trigger…points, I guess? And it loosens you up and makes you feel better.

Good thing I’m manning a stall at the expo, because I might actually learn something. I’m at the table for cosmetic tattooing, so it’s not like I’m going to get swamped anyway. Maybe I’ll slip out early, go and see what these dry needling courses are all about. Which actually means I don’t need lollies, because I’ll be out that night. Great, my house is getting egged.


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