Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded

I absolutely love winter. I get that this might be an unpopular opinion with some people, but I can’t get enough of that cold, crisp air. Maybe it’s my Norse blood, or maybe I just overheat easily, or both. Regardless, I’m currently in my element here in the ACT.

My housemate, Marcel, is the complete opposite, as we’ve recently discovered. We cottoned to this a few weeks ago when the mercury started dropping. That’s when I noticed Marcel’s preference for having the ducted heating system. Canberra residents love these units turned up to eleven, much to my disdain. He would freak out when I tried turning it down, but I’ve since explained to him that it’s too hot for me when he runs it that hard. Plus, it costs a fortune.

I’m coming round to the fact that Marcel needs some heat on to function over winter, especially at night. I can handle it, as long as he’s not turning the joint into a sauna. As for the cost of running it, I have to own that I tend to go to town on the air con over summer, which Marcel finds unnecessary. So I guess we’re square.

On the plus side, Marcel is quite the nitpicker when it comes to having our appliances serviced. He mentioned this morning that he wanted to get the heating checked for gas leaks, which I can jive with. We might as well get the air con checked at the same time. I should know who is good for a gas heating service, Canberra is not exactly warm in Winter after all.

I think we work pretty well as a team, on the whole. Not like me and my last housemate, who not only would never dream of getting something serviced until it was completely broken, but would also be the one primarily responsible for breaking stuff. What was he thinking, putting a tent in the dryer that time?

Now that I think about it, he’s probably the reason the air conditioner was a bit hit and miss over summer. Maybe I’ll send him the repair bill.

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