Really Hoping the Great Beyond Enjoys this Car…

Really Hoping the Great Beyond Enjoys this Car…

This car lark isn’t as easy as it looks. I managed to purchase a frame on B-Bay, and it arrived all rusty and barely fitting in my very small garden. I’m also concerned about what will happen if it rains while I’m in the middle of making this car, and all the parts get wet. I mean, cars are waterproof to a certain point, because I’ve definitely seen people driving in the rain, so maybe it’ll be fine. Still, can’t be sure. I need to watch more tutorials on Me-Straw.

Fortunately, I’ve done my homework, oh yes. I know for a fact that there ARE auto mechanics in Ringwood. That’s very useful by itself, but I’m also aware that they help you out with car things. Like, if your car goes wrong. I am ALL over this, so basically, whenever I have a problem with my car- which in this case is the general problem of me not being able to build a car- then I can ask them. Perfect plan, and it’s not like I think they’ll be giving advice for free, either. Although I might be able to chance it, especially since the onus to build this car comes as a message from the great beyond, and thus it’s kind of important. You’d think a mechanic would provide free services based on the fact that I’m trying to save the world here, but not everyone understands the great beyond in the same way that I do.

So, car frame, mechanics…next step I’d say would be wheels. I do happen to know where I can find a whole bunch of wheels, because there’s a junkyard-type place right behind where I live, and there are a load of burned-out tyres in a pile. I guess I just need to find a the best place in Ringwood for brake repairs and maintenance, have them stitch these ones up, and there’s my car all ready to…roll. Not much else except roll, but it doesn’t yet have an engine. Rolling is the best form of locomotion it can hope for at the moment.


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