Losing my calm- the termite invasion

Losing my calm- the termite invasion

Today as I was running through my yoga sequence in the hallway, when I stopped short mid pose. All my hard earned calm breath evaporated in my lungs as I watched a tiny, pale ant make its way across a groove in the floorboards. It went up the wall and out of sight. I stared on in open mouthed horror, as another, and another and another followed.. I no longer felt calmed and centered. I felt terrified and enraged, and flinging open the hallway door, ran to the phone book, tracing my finger down the business listings for pest control, Frankston.

Within fifteen minutes I’d secured an appointment with termite control. Frankston didn’t have a reputation for termites, I’d never heard of anyone in the area having to deal with them… I started to panic that our beloved home of ten years had been singled out by the wee varmints. Visualising the utter horror that surely my whole family now faced, I knew that before long we’d be waking up in a pile of sawdust.

Thank god the Pest Control Officer knew exactly what he was doing, and could offer me some reassurance too. Not only was I wrong to assume no one in the area had dealt with them before, but I was so relieved to find out that if I followed the officer’s instructions carefully and didn’t interfere with the treatment, that we’d enjoy termite free-lives for up to ten years.

Now, I believe in a long and happy life for all creatures. I don’t like to kill anything that deserves to live but I’m not going to pay off my the roof over my head just to have a bunch of ants eat through the roof. I signed off on the control methods and felt an immediate wave of relief wash over me – right back into my favourite yoga position knowing that apart from termites, all is well with the world.

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