Perfect Period Home Lighting

Perfect Period Home Lighting

The lighting in our home was nowhere close to what I wanted it to be. When we purchased it four years ago, we went well over our budget. Since then I’ve been pinching pennies in my subconscious and sleep. However, recently, Aaron was offered a promotion and my business was bought for a great price, so some serious limitations have been lifted. I’ve been given the green light to look for some home lighting solutions. Melbourne has the most incredible way of getting under your skin when it comes to design, I get overwhelmed by possibility, so one of the best things I have ever done was talk to a consultant about creative home lighting solutions that would look great now and in a few years time.

We probably could’ve done a budget update, but for me, there’s just no point- it’s either all or nothing and I would always prefer to buy big once than buy cheap three times. Aaron, on the other hand thinks that if things can be improved, then they definitely should be. He’s a fan of sweeping things under the carpet and living on the edge, but I like to think I’m the solution to that too.

Our home was previously owned by an Italian couple in their late eighties, and their children had sold the home after they passed away in the same year, via private sale.  Keeping some of the nouveaux appeal of our home was important.The consultant whom we ended up making contact with was completely understanding of my perspective, and she showed me a number of options that I felt were well considered options for lighting. I couldn’t be happier with the choices Aaron and I eventually made- we can’t believe how lucky we got with our consultant, who had a great understanding of period homes like ours.

The end result? The joy I feel from coming home after a long day and opening the front gate to see a warm glow emanating from inside gives me an indescribably happy feeling. We got it so right.

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