Digging Up My Youth

Digging Up My Youth

So, there’s a swimming pool in my parents’ backyard of twenty years, and this is the first I’ve heard of it. How is that possible, you ask? Well, gather round and I’ll tell you the tale.

When I was about twelve, we moved into a new house with a really cool cabin-like structure out the back. This I was allowed to have as the domain of my impending teenager status. It was pretty unusual – sunk underground a bit, and with an oddly temporary look to the upper part of the structure.

As it turns out, it was originally a swimming pool that had been converted by the previous owners. I’m not at all sure how I never figured this out; it seems really obvious now. Anyway, my folks have now gone and removed the above-ground structure to reveal the pool underneath. It seems I’m going to be able to take a dip in my teenage bedroom.

The yard is currently filled with unusual sculptural elements that mum wants to include in the landscaping, plus stray panels of temporary pool fencing. Companies in Melbourne that do landscaping work for people like my parents tend to employ workers with metallic industrial boots and extreme facial hair. This all adds up to the swimming pool renovation site looking a bit like an archaeological dig in a post-apocalyptic film (exactly what my parents are aiming for, I’d be willing to bet).

I’m wondering what the story is these days with swimming pool fence installation in Melbourne. It seems like the place to find someone who can build you literally anything you want while managing to comply with pool fencing regulations. I have no doubt that, if that’s a thing, my parents will want to take advantage of it to construct their perfect backyard tableau.

Well, it’s their blank canvas now. That swimming pool served me well as my teenage kingdom, and so may it serve them as a platform for creative backyard landscaping.

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