Swapping for Good

Swapping for Good

You know that show on channel 56, Boss Swap? Does anyone else think that it’s kinda…I don’t know. Vindictive? I feel like it’d be a much better concept if it was just the boss going undercover as a blue-collar worker, learning about his company, working alongside people and getting to know what they think of the company…

Except there’s this other side of it. All employees who work with the boss are told that he suddenly moved to the Maldives and this new person will be their successor. And of course, the blue-collar person is clueless.

Last episode had the CEO of an auto parts firm going and doing ground-level auto repairs in Hawthorn. It was pretty funny because he was obviously trying really hard, but for the last decade he’d gotten other people to collect his set of luxury cars and fix them, and now he’s trying to live up to his pretend resume by servicing an ordinary Corolla. The mechanics are being nice about it, eventually the boss learns how to service cars a little better, and everyone is better off at the end.

Meanwhile, at the upper corporate end, there’s mass panic as everyone thinks that the old boss has gone nuts and put a total novice in charge. Stocks plummet as the blue-collar person makes bad decisions, morale sinks around the office, and things are generally just a lot less…uplifting. To reiterate, a guy in a car servicing garage down in Hawthorn struggling and learning a lesson about his employees is pretty cool, provided everyone’s cars get serviced properly. The flipside…that’s a corporate nightmare.


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