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Be Safe

Be Safe

It bothers me when people neglect to maintain their vehicles. After all, a minor issue left unchecked can lead to a major one, which has the potential to endanger other people on the road. Even when it comes to things like rust and dents, I feel like there’s a basic standard of upkeep that I’d like to see upheld. I don’t trust car owners who feel otherwise – it’s like, this is your chariot, people.

I realise I’m being pretty judgemental here. Not everyone can afford to have their scratches and scrapes immediately repaired. The real concern is when people put off having, say, a wheel realignment or a brake pad replacement. Ringwood has too many cars on the road that wouldn’t be up to scratch in the event of an unexpected hazard. And, as harsh as it may sound, I’m not okay with that.

There’s a good explanation – it’s because I’ve been personally impacted by road accidents in my time, and I wouldn’t wish the same on anyone. Both of the incidents I’m referring to could have been avoided if the driver responsible had kept their car in better condition. Of course, accidents can happen even in a factory-fresh car, and there are a lot of different factors in play. But in these particular circumstances, I believe that the most significant one was long-term vehicle neglect.

Blah. I didn’t really want to get into all that, but there it is. The road can be a dangerous place under the best of circumstances, so don’t take the risk of skipping out on essential car repairs. Ringwood is a busy place and a peak hour hotspot, and we all need to do what we can to minimise the likelihood of road accidents.

This is why I get triggered when I see superficial damage to cars on the road – I extrapolate it to other issues that might be more hidden, but which can dramatically impact the lives of other drivers.

Swapping for Good

Swapping for Good

You know that show on channel 56, Boss Swap? Does anyone else think that it’s kinda…I don’t know. Vindictive? I feel like it’d be a much better concept if it was just the boss going undercover as a blue-collar worker, learning about his company, working alongside people and getting to know what they think of the company…

Except there’s this other side of it. All employees who work with the boss are told that he suddenly moved to the Maldives and this new person will be their successor. And of course, the blue-collar person is clueless.

Last episode had the CEO of an auto parts firm going and doing ground-level auto repairs in Hawthorn. It was pretty funny because he was obviously trying really hard, but for the last decade he’d gotten other people to collect his set of luxury cars and fix them, and now he’s trying to live up to his pretend resume by servicing an ordinary Corolla. The mechanics are being nice about it, eventually the boss learns how to service cars a little better, and everyone is better off at the end.

Meanwhile, at the upper corporate end, there’s mass panic as everyone thinks that the old boss has gone nuts and put a total novice in charge. Stocks plummet as the blue-collar person makes bad decisions, morale sinks around the office, and things are generally just a lot less…uplifting. To reiterate, a guy in a car servicing garage down in Hawthorn struggling and learning a lesson about his employees is pretty cool, provided everyone’s cars get serviced properly. The flipside…that’s a corporate nightmare.


Really Hoping the Great Beyond Enjoys this Car…

Really Hoping the Great Beyond Enjoys this Car…

This car lark isn’t as easy as it looks. I managed to purchase a frame on B-Bay, and it arrived all rusty and barely fitting in my very small garden. I’m also concerned about what will happen if it rains while I’m in the middle of making this car, and all the parts get wet. I mean, cars are waterproof to a certain point, because I’ve definitely seen people driving in the rain, so maybe it’ll be fine. Still, can’t be sure. I need to watch more tutorials on Me-Straw.

Fortunately, I’ve done my homework, oh yes. I know for a fact that there ARE auto mechanics in Ringwood. That’s very useful by itself, but I’m also aware that they help you out with car things. Like, if your car goes wrong. I am ALL over this, so basically, whenever I have a problem with my car- which in this case is the general problem of me not being able to build a car- then I can ask them. Perfect plan, and it’s not like I think they’ll be giving advice for free, either. Although I might be able to chance it, especially since the onus to build this car comes as a message from the great beyond, and thus it’s kind of important. You’d think a mechanic would provide free services based on the fact that I’m trying to save the world here, but not everyone understands the great beyond in the same way that I do.

So, car frame, mechanics…next step I’d say would be wheels. I do happen to know where I can find a whole bunch of wheels, because there’s a junkyard-type place right behind where I live, and there are a load of burned-out tyres in a pile. I guess I just need to find a the best place in Ringwood for brake repairs and maintenance, have them stitch these ones up, and there’s my car all ready to…roll. Not much else except roll, but it doesn’t yet have an engine. Rolling is the best form of locomotion it can hope for at the moment.


Yes, Those Bentleigh Services I Totally Need…

Yes, Those Bentleigh Services I Totally Need…

Mum and Dad taught me to always tell the truth, which makes life really boring. Whenever I want to spice up some juicy office gossip, or tell people that I went hiking on the weekend instead of watching Neat-Flix and eating caramel popcorn…their words ring in my ears. And grudgingly, it is true. Honesty IS always the best policy.

Except if you can get around it by carefully-planned half-truths, in which case carefully-planned half-truths are definitely the best policy. They’re the most fun, as well. For example, everyone in the office now thinks I drive a Bentleigh, which just so happens to be my favourite car. I just mentioned off-hand to Rian that I was looking for reliable car servicing in Bentleigh, and since Rian is a little bit deaf in his left ear, he thought I said that I was looking for reliable car servicing people for my Bentleigh. He repeated what he’d heard in disbelief, loud enough for everyone in the breakroom to hear. I stammered a little bit but then I just said, rather simply: “Yes. I do indeed require Bentleigh car services. Bentleigh is what I said.”

I needed to say no more for clarification. No one has straight-up asked me if I actually do have a Bentleigh, so now I’m the talk of the office. People keep asking if they can see her, but I say no…I’d rather not show anyone. My Bentleigh is very special (because it doesn’t exist). I’m very sensitive about my car (because it’s not real). I’ve been saving up for a Bentleigh for ages (that one is actually true).

As you can see, I’ve managed to dodge most of these so far, but if it ever comes to lying, I’ll have to come clean. Actually, I just need car servicing for my 2003 Toyota Corolla…in Bentleigh. Auto electrical if at all possible. But no one yet needs to know that…

-Brent Lee



Late to work again! My stupid car broke down on the freeway, yet again. I mean, if I’m being honest, I suppose I shouldn’t blame the car – I’m the one who’s been putting off having it serviced for over a year now. I realise that this is not the best way of going about things, especially given how prone this sensitive petal of a car is to breaking down.

It’s just that, since I got this finance job, I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone worry about car servicing. Ringwood is quite a trek from where I live, which doesn’t help matters with (a) finding time to go without a car and (b) keeping these mechanical issues at bay.

When I first got the thing a few years ago, I had it serviced religiously because I was determined to keep the warranty intact. There was an excellent mechanic near where I worked at the time (on fewer hours, I might add) who was considered to be the go-to guy for manufacturer’s logbook servicing. But then he retired, my warranty ended and I kind of fell off the wagon with the regular mechanical check-ups.

Unfortunately, it’s now been so long that the car is in need of not just servicing, but also repairs. If I can find somewhere reputable for car repairs in Ringwood, then perhaps I can have it towed there from where I left it in Mitcham this morning and pick it up later in the week on my way home from work.  

Okay, that sounds achievable. It’s all going to be just fine – even though it’s going to be a slog getting the train out here tomorrow, it’ll be worth it if I can get that overdue brake pad replacement. Then there’s that weird light on the dashboard – I want to know what that’s all about. Oh, and let’s not forget the weird grinding sound that seems to be coming from the air conditioner…