Multi-Generational Funtimes

Multi-Generational Funtimes

Well, here we are in Melbourne again. The kids are thrilled to be staying with Oma and Opa, and Tony and I are jazzed to get into some nightlife – they don’t make the bars like this in Sydney! In typical Melbourne style, though, the weather is rather on the bleak side, and we didn’t pack any rain gear. Until we get that sorted out or the sun comes out, we’re going to have to find something for mum and dad to do with the kids that will keep them from losing their minds (the kids, I mean, but this applies to all concerned).

I’m hoping that there’s an indoor play centre in Melbourne, like the one we had Kate’s birthday at last year. This is not a city that’s running short on recreational facilities, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem by any stretch. Trust me – these places are lifesavers at times like this, when you need the kids to let off some steam in a secure environment where they’re not likely to cause too much damage.

I reckon we’ll line this up for tomorrow, when Tony and I are booked in for lunch at our favourite bistro by the river. Mum and dad will be into it for sure – they love being able to get amongst the kids’ mischief and run around after them. Dad’s always been a climber; I remember he’d climb up trees at the playground when I was a kid, just to see what was up there. Mum has a bung ankle at the moment, but she’ll probably want to get in the ball pit with Jamie (the quieter one by a long shot).

Yep, I’m totally sold on this whole indoor play centre thing. There’s something awesome about a place that’s completely dedicated to providing space for kids to run around like crazy and be their wonderfully ridiculous little selves, without being in danger. Most places you can take kids have other stuff going for them, but sometimes the playground concept 100% fits the bill.

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