Last Bicycle and Testament

Last Bicycle and Testament

My friend Kevin’s uncle has just passed away. The cause remains a bit of a mystery (he was no spring chicken, though). He also wasn’t particularly close to Kevin, so there’s a slow trickle of information filtering in from his assorted cousins. Point is, it seems that Kevin may have come into a significant monetary inheritance, and he isn’t really sure what to make of it.

It’s not clear yet whether this is definitely a thing. Apparently, Kevin is not even sure that the deceased made a legal will. Melbourne is far from the uncle’s long-time homeland of Moscow and, from the sound of it, he’s been notorious for spectacularly messing up legal documents in the past.

Kevin told me that he has only one memory of really connecting with the uncle in question. This happened when he was about seven years old. He’d just been given a new bike by his grandparents for his birthday, and was smashing around their backyard on it. Uncle, who was visiting from Russia and known for being a fairly stern dude, walked over, knelt down to Kevin’s height, and asked if he could have a go.

According to Kevin, his own response was first to feel a little bit terrified, then to agree to the unusual request, and finally to laugh his head off as he watched his uncle pack his large frame onto the tiny seat and pedal away across the lawn with his knees up around his elbows. When he returned the bike, he expressed what Kevin described as gratitude so sincere that it would be forever implanted in his memory bank.

I think it’s a bit odd that this uncle never connected deeply with Kevin again after that, and then chose to leave Kevin such a large proportion of his estate’s assets. Still, I like the whole story. I hope Kevin’s gang of relatives can figure out what the deal is with the power of attorney. Victoria might have a specific approach to probate and estate administration; I wouldn’t know. I suggested he talk with a lawyer to get the best advice before making any decisions.

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