Wimps vs Lasers and Antiwrinkle injections

Wimps vs Lasers and Antiwrinkle injections

My sister Yvette and I are known for being total wimps. We love hitting the salon, and we really like being pampered. It seems to me that the most uncomfortable services are the ones we want- or at least, they’re the ones that offer the best benefits. I really wanted to find painless laser hair removal in Melbourne – which is exactly what I came across.

Yvette’s looking for a few things on the side too. She is seven years older than me and loves telling me that one day I’ll look older than her if I don’t get onto anti wrinkle injections for crowsfeet. While I hope she’s joking, I also hope she’s not right. Anyway, I’m looking for a place that will take care of us both and answer some of my questions.

You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff Yvette gets up to to stop the years adding up on her face. Once, she bought this stuff that looked like it came out of a prehistoric tar pit- it was supposed to eliminate fine lines, pull out blackheads and banish impurities- but instead it ripped out her eyebrows and gave her hives. We aren’t really DIY girls, I think that’s pretty obvious.

Anyway, we found a place that seems to put as much value on looking after us as we do ourselves. It’s a lovely place where cosmetic nurses meet girls just like us every day. I had no idea that laser hair removal was so effortless. My legs have never been smoother and I love how quick the process went. I was prepared for the worst but it really wasn’t that bad at all. With her anti-wrinkle injections, Yvette is looking a lot less severe, too, the effect is really subtle, she just looks less tired and a lot more refreshed. As far as I know, she hasn’t been tempted to break out the face mask or take on any new DIY jobs either.

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