Whispers of The Great Exterminator

Whispers of The Great Exterminator


Not sure how I’m feeling. I’m feeling…several things at once. Angry. Jubilant. Ambivalent. Hungry. That last one is mostly because I’m still waiting for my pizza pockets to finish heating up, though. Soon, my delicious parcels of cheesy flavour. Soon, we shall be together.

But nah, seriously, ‘Week of Our Lives’ just went somewhere I could not have expected: science fiction. Well, kind of. So you all remember how Hugh just got engaged Annie, who owns Realsville’s greatest industry: pest control. Dandenong made an appearance, both because of THEIR pest control and also because Annie secretly had plans to take her pest control monopoly worldwide and become the Extermination Queen. Now, this complicated things for Hugh, because his mum was a fortune teller and on her deathbed she TOLD him the prophecy of the Extermination Queen. He brushed it off like all the other things she predicted, but now he’s actually engaged to the one his mother told him would destroy the termite inspection industry through her mad ambition to unite all of it under one banner.

Now, Hugh doesn’t know if he fully believes it, but after they took a trip to the lemur sanctuary, he’s pretty close to the truth. Annie said something offhand about pest control needing to really get in there and do some work, since it wasn’t really clean and some of the lemurs had fleas. Then he noticed…everywhere she walked, there were dead insects. Pest control follows her around, like a plague. Can he truly love one whom he is destined to destroy? Can the prophecy be averted? Are Frankston’s termite control agents really THAT fast in their response, because wow, they were really booking in that one scene where Claire found termites in the abandoned fun house and she gave them a call. Got there in four seconds flat. TV could be lying to me, but…that never happens.


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